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TuesdayPreppers.com is a website about making, storing, and using delicious home-made ingredients in your everyday cooking. Because life is good when you’ve got a lot of fabulous ingredient options at your fingertips.

Hi. I am Dan. I wear lots of hats, but the one I’ll be wearing for this website is the one I wear when gazing out at the vast horizon of culinary possibilities – an expansive and exciting vista nearly permanently marred by my school-aged children just wanting to know, “What’s for dinner?”, “Can we have fried chicken”, and “Am I going to like it?”. The answers to which are, respectively, “It’s 4:00pm. How can I possibly know the answer to that?”, “Very unlikely”, and “I hope so but I’m not holding my breath”.

Before I had kids, I used to just find a few things in the fridge, combine them artfully in a pan, put that whole thing on a plate and eat it in peace while reading a magazine at the kitchen table. And because I was good at this sort of thing, when I got married, it became my job to make all the food in the house – which may sound like a raw deal, but when I stop to consider everything my wife does for the family, I think I actually got the better end of the bargain. But that’s not to say it doesn’t get a little tiresome and tedious at times…

Now, the thing you need to know about me (other than that I can do a pretty decent job of cooking stuff) is that I have a preternatural obsession with putting things into containers. Anything that will contain something else is inherently fascinating to me. I might expand on that later, but for now, know that I love putting things (i.e., food) in canning jars and the vacuum sealer was a revelation to me when I purchased one a few years ago. I am talking angels singing from on high and the little streaks of light coming down to earth through the clouds. I am IN LOVE with that thing.

It is my love for canning jars and vacuum sealers that is the impetus for this website. Because life is good when you’ve got a bunch of delicious options at your fingertips.